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Charles Eneanya (MBA) is the Founder of Business Plan Investors (BPI)

Business Plan Investors (BPI) was founded as a FREE platform to match businesses and their founders with the best and most friendly investors worldwide. Charles is a passionate fundraising business consultant  who is on a mission to bridge the fundraising gap between founders and investors worldwide. This genuine interest to help founders achieve quick funding success has earned Charles to rank among the top 10% best fundraising consultants on Upwork, Fiverr, Truelancer, Terawork, etc. 

Charles holds an MBA degree specializing in Banking and Finance, a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Statistics, a Diploma in Insurance, a Diploma in Human Resource Management, and a WAEC certification of 7 distinctions. Charles is also a Certified and Licensed HR professional, and an Associate Member of several professional organizations (ACIPM, ANES, etc.). Charles is responsible for the successful launch of several businesses worldwide and has helped young entrepreneurs with a burning zeal to achieve success and build long-lasting relationships with investors worldwide.

In the United States, Charles serves as the Vice President of Business Intelligence of Primegrid Renewable Energy Limited. Primegrid Renewable Energy Limited is a leading multinational renewable energy company on a quest to replace fossil fuels with more efficient and environment-friendly power solutions. Charles also offers his business consulting services on Upwork (United States) where he is recognized as a Top-Rated Fundraising Specialist (Top 10% Best).

In the United States too, Charles offers his business consulting services on Fiverr where he is also ranked among the Top 10% of Best Fundraising Specialists. Charles is the Founder and CEO of Researchitlive. Researchitlive is a platform designed to assist individuals and businesses to meet their research needs worldwide.

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