LinkedIn Optimization

LinkedIn Optimization

Your LinkedIn profile speaks volume about your professionalism and on BPI, your LinkedIn profile will be the primary tool you will be using to build initial communication with investors. Therefore, we recommend that you allow our professionals assist you in optimizing your profile before you initiate chats with investors. 

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LinkedIn Optimization Service

LinkedIn Optimization Checklist:


✅ Have you claimed your custom URL? 

✅ Is contact info filled out with a website and other social sites connected?

✅ Name pronunciation tool activated?

Profile photo:

✅ Taken by a professional?

✅ Does the photo make you look approachable?

✅ Is the photo framed appropriately? (40-60% of the frame)

✅ Was the photo taken recently? *as a rule of thumb, I recommend having a new photo taken at least every two years, or whenever appearance changes dramatically. 

✅ Are you dressed appropriately for your position and industry?

✅ Do you have a profile video?

Cover image: 

✅ Is there a cover image?

✅ Does it clearly communicate what you do? 

✅ Is the cover photo high resolution?

✅ Is the cover photo cropped appropriately?

✅ Does the cover photo work on mobile?


✅ Does the headline convey your experience?

✅ Is the headline grammatically correct?

Creator Mode (if relevant): 

✅ Is creator mode activated? 

✅ Have you chosen your profile topics? 

✅ Have you turned on your creator tools? 

About Description/Summary:

✅ Is about section filled out? 

✅ Is it formatted for busy professionals? 

✅ Does the summary include your career story? 

✅ Does your summary include a description of what you offer? 

✅ Does your summary include how people can get in touch? 

Featured Section and Activity:

✅ Do you have at least 2 pieces of media such as relevant videos, images, presentations, or articles in the experience section? 

✅ Have you chosen which activity to show first (only available in creator mode)? 


✅ Do you have at least 2 pieces of media such as relevant videos, images, presentations, or articles in the experience section?

✅ Does experience include results, numbers, and accomplishments?


✅ Is the appropriate education listed with any relevant studies listed?


✅ Are publications listed?

✅ Are projects listed?

✅ Are honors and awards listed? 

✅ Are courses listed?

✅ Are languages listed? 

✅ Are organizations listed?

✅ Are certifications listed?

Skills and Social Proof:

✅ Have you optimized your top three skills? 

✅ Do you have at least 3 recommendations?


✅ Do you post relevant articles and updates at least once a week? 

✅ Do you follow at least 5 companies that you are interested in (should be listed under interests)?

✅ Do you message at least one person you don’t know yet on LinkedIn each week?

✅ Do you introduce at least two new people in your network every month?

✅ Do you comment on at least one update or article once a week?

LinkedIn Optimization Service

Complete LinkedIn Optimization Service

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